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Aroma Aid (1oz) Aroma Aid (1oz)

Aroma Aid is a medicine cabinet in a bottle: a versatile product with aroma-biotic support during colds and flus and relief from minor aches and pains and headaches. Aroma Aid supports healthy histamine levels during allergies and hay fever, and supports cough relief.* Ages 2 through adult.

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Body Soother (1oz) Body Soother (1oz)

Body Soother is an innovative approach to body discomfort. Body Soother supports relief from mild joint, muscle and pody pain, swelling and inflammation. Body Soother can be used to help in the recovery after heavy lifting, gardening or tough workouts. Use it during physical therapy or massage in place of plain lubricants. Body Soother's unique ingredients have been scientifically studied for their ability to relieve the body of COX-2 activity and the effects of inflammation and discomfort.* Ages: 8 through adult.

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Flugon (1oz) Flugon (1oz)

Flugon supports the body's immune system and helps maintain a healthy nose, throat and chest. Flugon's synergistic formula includes essential oils scientifically shown to support healthy immune activity against viruses and bacteria, relief from coughs and healthy removal of mucus. Free of dangerous cough and cold ingredients, Flugon's gentle formula is safe for infants yet powerful enough for adults.* AGES: 2 and older

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Mood Master (1oz) Mood Master (1oz)

Mood Master helps improve your mood when you lack motivation and drive. Mood Master balances nerves and emotions to help you focus on being the best that you can be. When situations make you feel anxious, depressed or likely to procrastinate, Mood Master assists with alertness, motivation, social participation and task performance. Mood Master assists with recovery from anesthesia.* AGES: 8 through adult.

Our Price: $19.95
Tummy Cuddles (1oz) Tummy Cuddles (1oz)

Tummy Cuddles supports relief from colic, minor belly discomfort and teething. Tummy Cuddles is ideal for children and adults with acid reflux or a sensitive constitution.* AGES: 2 months through adult.

Our Price: $19.95
Best Digest (1oz) Best Digest (1oz)

Best Digest supports everyday digestive issues, such as bloating, indigestion, upset stomach, irritable bowel and inflammatory bowel disorders.* AGES: 12 and older. For overall digestive health take at beginning of meal. For specific gealth concerns use as suggested below.

Our Price: $19.95
Bright Student (1oz) Bright Student (1oz)

Bright Student is a holistic approach to supporting learning and focus in children who have trouble with attention or other learning issues. Bright Student's unique essential oil blends increase attention and focus while promoting the production of the neurotransmitters needed for optimal learning and memory. Bright Student supports positive feelings of self-esteem and calmness which psychologists say are essential to peak academic achievment.* AGES: 8 through adult.

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Focus: Memory and Mind (1oz) Focus: Memory and Mind (1oz)

Focus: Memory and Mind is a holistic approach to memory issues due to normal aging or stress. Focus: Memory and Mind addresses the neurological and emotional factors which can alter memory recall by supporting healthy cognitive function. Psychologists have suggested that a healthy emotional state is the foundation of good learning. Foucs: Memory and Mind also supports emotional states that improve concentration.* AGES: 16 through adult.

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Sweet Sleep (1oz) Sweet Sleep (1oz)

Sweet Sleep is an innovative solution to sleep problems, addressing the emotional and physical problems which prevent sleep. Sweet Sleep can be used for occasional sleep trouble, insomnia, traveler's insomnia, and for children with sleep issues such as separation anxiety when learning to sleep in their own bed.* AGES: All ages.

Our Price: $19.95