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ALBA Mystic Fragrance Roll On (10mL)

Alba presents a clean, soft fragrance from a medley of rejuvenating, purifying oils including frankincense. An intricate blend to help harmonize the psyche.

Our Price: $17.20
MUSE Mystic Fragrance Roll On (10mL)

This captivating fragrance unveils a euphoric quality to dispel melancholy.

Our Price: $17.40
POWDER SAGE Mystic Fragrance Roll On (10mL)

Powder Sage lends the endurance of sage carrying an earthy note beneath softly sweet overtones. It imparts a steadying, grounding influence.

Our Price: $17.60
SOLACE Mystic Fragrance Roll On (10mL)

Solace is gently sweet with a deliciously smooth undertone. Its heartening qualities provide relief from anxiety or apprehension.

Our Price: $18.20
FOREST Mystic Fragrance Roll On (10mL)

Forest unfolds a musky yet fresh fragrance with a balsamic hint of cypress. It is at once restorative and relaxing.

Our Price: $19.70
VERDE Mystic Fragrance Roll On (10mL)

A lively aroma bespeaks Verde's refreshing quality. A subtle woodsy note adds to its stimulating yet stabilizing affect.

Our Price: $23.90
INDIA MIST Mystic Fragrance Roll On (10mL)

India Mist is an engaging blend of select woods, spices, and precious rose.

Our Price: $41.40
ESCAPADE Mystic Fragrance Roll On (10mL)

A sumptuous, enveloping scent froman evocative melange of exotic oils. Designed to elevate the senses and liberate the mind.

Our Price: $42.60