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Dermaclear Lotion (1oz) Dermaclear Lotion (1oz)

With Ac.Net, Bacocalmine, BV-OSC, Evermat, UGL,Complex (Dermaclear Capsules are available from our NutraHerbals Supplement line)

Our Price: $12.60
Bamboo Polish (6oz) Bamboo Polish (6oz)

Dried, ground bamboo stems make for superior exfoliation agents in cleansers and scrubs. The uniquely smooth bamboo particles allow for thorough yet gentle buffing of the skin.

Our Price: $20.00
Honey Hydrating Masque (2oz) - with Papaya and Yucca Extracts Honey Hydrating Masque (2oz) - with Papaya and Yucca Extracts

Boost the skin cell renewal process by applying our moisture masques.The truly regenerating effects occur by dissolving dead skin cells and drawing out impurities - refining overall texture; by accelerating cellular turnover - improving hydration and plumping up skin tissue, and by allowing the skin to maximize absorption of active phyto-nutrients from topical skin preparations. Apply the moisture masques regularly and see your skin glow.

Our Price: $23.40
Cranberry Moisture Masque (2oz) - with Agave Nectar and Apple Juice Cranberry Moisture Masque (2oz) - with Agave Nectar and Apple Juice

After applying this souffle‚ masque, you will feel a lifting and firming sensation but without the taut, dry feeling experienced with typical masks.Especially effective for dry, flaky, unevenly textured, dull, devitalized, imbalanced, oily, or congested skin conditions. Continued use will reduce the appearance of age spots, uneven tone or skin discolorations, and encourage restored resiliency to sagging skin.The cranberry's unique nutritional and purifying medicinal value extends to skin care. Cranberry juice contains flavonoids, vitamin C, and antioxidant, antibacterial properties. Perfectly blended with apple juice, lemon juice, lemon pectin, grapefruit and lemon peel oils, to improve skin texture, strengthen capillaries, and tighten pores.

Our Price: $23.60